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Efficiency for AgTech Campaign

A campaign promoting the latest trends and innovations in energy-efficient and sustainable agricultural solutions to enhance food security and climate resilience.

In April 2022, we concluded a three-month Efficiency for AgTech social media campaign that demonstrated the significant impact of affordable, energy-efficient agricultural equipment on global food security and climate resilience.

The campaign's content shed a light on what Efficiency for Access and our partners have accomplished in accelerating clean energy access through the uptake of solar-powered agricultural appliances. It also highlighted how these technologies are improving end-user livelihoods world-wide and forecasted the direction of the ag-related productive use equipment sector by shining a light on emerging trends and challenges. As part of the campaign, we launched a 'Voices in AgTech' blog series, which featured six articles from partners working in the energy and agricultural sectors. Read the blogs here.

We sincerely thank everyone who collaborated with us on this campaign and made it a success.

Voices in AgTech Blog Series

We saw an overwhelmingly positive response for collaboration from a variety of sector stakeholders for this campaign and launched the “Voices in AgTech” blog series as part of the campaign to highlight the people and organisations whose work has helped to raise awareness of the role of solar-powered agricultural technologies in boosting productivity and improving livelihoods. The series features six external articles from the following campaign partners:


IIED’s implementing partner, Caritas Kitui, shares insights from an ongoing project supporting the Kitui County government in developing an integrated energy plan. The project explores ‘Which Green Technologies will Boost Jobs and Incomes for Farmers in Kitui.


In the Re-Power Small-Scale Farming piece, Annelies Withofs, a Programme Manager at the IKEA Foundation, discusses how renewable energy contributes to a circular and regenerative food and agriculture system.


Holly Foster, a Programme Associate at JRT, answers the question on How Innovation is Key to Ensuring a Just Rural Transition. She underscores the global opportunity for countries, governments, and various sector stakeholders to collaborate on concrete, ambitious solutions for agricultural innovation.


Brian Kawuma, Director of the Power Agriculture programme at Power for All, discusses greening agrifood systems, Power for All’s contributions to the clean energy and agriculture sectors, and the ag-energy nexus's future direction in this Powering Agriculture with Accessible Power for All article.


Tanya Kothari, Agriculture Research Manager at Shell Foundation reflects on the benefits of off-grid cold chain solutions drawing on insights and examples from Shell Foundation’s portfolio companies in the Exploring the Holistic Impact of Clean Energy-Powered Cold Chain article.


Dr Ku McMahan, Team Lead for Water and Energy for Food Grand Challenge, shares recommendations on how to strengthen the bridge between the historically siloed sectors of clean energy and agriculture. The PrioritisingWater and Energy for Food: A Conversation on the Energy-Ag Nexus article also highlights how WE4F’s interventions contribute to the agriculture and energy nexus.


In this Looking Across the Energy-Ag Nexus: Efficiency for AgTech Campaign in Context blog, several Efficiency for Access team members share reflections on how the programme has helped boost access to efficient solar-powered appliances for agricultural use and share predictions on where we see the energy-ag nexus heading.