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Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund - Completed Projects

The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund has supported 38 organisations with over £5 million in funding and facilitated a further £1.5m to 12 electric cooking projects with funding from UK aid. Here are the completed projects

The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund was launched in November 2018 and aims to accelerate innovation in off-grid and weak grid appliance technologies.

Efficiency for Access is investing funding into research and development (R&D) projects with the aim to accelerate the availability, affordability, efficiency and performance of a range of low energy inclusive appliances that are particularly suited to developing country contexts and promote social inclusion.

Launched in 2018, there have been three calls for funding: the Open Call, the Cooling Call and the Enabling Technologies Call. Some of our projects have now been successfully completed, with the impacts of the projects measured.

Open Call:


MicroMill, a solar-powered, small-scale mill.

Read the full report here


Affordable, solar-powered irons for Sub-Saharan Africa

Read the full report here

Innovex Uganda

Using Iot to revolutionise off-grid appliances

Read the full report here

Solaris Offgrid:

OpenPAYGO link to increase interoperability of off-grid appliances and solar home systems

Read the full report here

The Sure Chill Company:
Improved controls for off-grid domestic refrigerators

Read the full report here

Cooling Call:

Amped Innovation: Developing an affordable, high-performing solar-powered fridge for Sub-Saharan Africa

Amped Innovation’s journey to craft a world-leading, cost-effective and high performing solar-powered refrigerator.

By harnessing the power of phase change materials and an innovative design, this case study explores how Amped Innovation have effectively addressed two major hurdles faced by solar-powered fridges today: affordability and efficiency.

Read the full report here

Devidayal Solar Solutions

Truck-mounted, solar refrigerators to enable local farmers in India to reach new markets

Read the full report here

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica - University of Coimbra

Retrofitting refrigerators to create an affordable, energy efficient cooling solution

Read the full report here

Phase Change Material Products LTD

Sust-Fridge, designed to attain low temperatures in off- and weak-grid settings

Read the full report here

Smart Villages Research Group

Off-grid cold rooms: A game-changing development for local smallholder farmers

Read the full report here

Enabling Technologies Call:

Adili Solar Hubs: Bridging the gap for the fish cold chain in Lake Turkana

The journey of Adili Solar Hubs through their project to bridge the fish cold chain gap in Lake Turkana, Kenya.

Discover how they’re connecting an end-to-end sustainable cold chain, powered by a solar mini-grid. This ensures the fish from Lake Turkana arrives fresh and hygienic to the market, raising the income of local fisherfolk and supplying healthy food for the community.

Read the full report

OVO Solar: Empowering smallholder farmers by developing an off-grid solar egg incubator

An exploration of Canadian start-up OVO Solar on their mission to empower smallholder farmers in Africa by developing an off-grid modular egg incubator.

Read the full report


Standards-based software for secure communication between off-grid devices.

Innovator series: Angaza


Improving digital education throughout Madagascar

Read the full report here


Easily discoverable hardware-to-cloud link

Read the full report here