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Off-Grid Appliance Data Platform

The Off-Grid Appliance Data Platform is a resource for manufacturers and purchasers seeking independent evidence of appliance performance and quality.

Product performance data to drive long-term off-grid market growth

The Off-Grid Appliances Data Platform will launch in early 2019

A key challenge to the off- and weak-grid appliance markets is the presence of low-quality, inefficient, expensive products that spoil the end-user experience and raise the cost of off-grid energy services. Lacking consistent and comparable performance data to help market actors make effective and informed decisions creates significant barriers to solar market development.

To enable an improved comparison of off- and weak-grid appliances, the Data Platform makes use of a set of test methods to evaluate energy performance quality, and durability, developed through a rigorous consultation process with off-grid energy industry stakeholders, appliance manufacturers, policymakers, and test facilities.

The data platform programme samples off-grid appliances from retail markets, distributors, and manufacturers; tests them according to international best practice; shares the accumulated data; and works with policymakers, investors, companies, and others to interpret and use the data. The platform will showcase test data for TVs, fans, and refrigerators, and will soon be expanding to include solar water pumps.

The Data Platform brings greater transparency and consistency to product performance and quality data, informing procurement decisions of appliance buyers, enabling policy development and investment, and spurring market competition and design improvements.

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