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Efficiency for Access Investor Network

Efficiency for Access and Acumen have partnered to create the Efficiency for Access Coalition Investor Network, a group of more than 30 leading, like-minded investors who have expressed a great interest in making investments into productive use companies but want to gain a stronger insight into the market before making an investment.

The Efficiency for Access Investor Network members agree that as the off-grid solar market continues to grow and evolve, off-grid appliances will be increasingly important. However, many productive use technologies are far from commercial viability. Often, little to no data exists regarding the relative quality and performance of a given technology, how accessible products currently are for customers, and what companies are positioned for success. Despite investor eagerness, without access to such key information, the market will struggle to scale.

The Efficiency for Access Investor Network seeks to break down these barriers so that investors can pinpoint where the market needs to further mature and where its capital can be catalytic. The goal of this network is three-fold: (1) for debt and equity investors to gain market intelligence, (2) to build investable pipeline; and (3) to allow investors to ask more technical questions about specific technologies during their due diligence.

As the distributed energy sector acknowledges productive use as the next frontier, investors are joining the movement to bring these technologies within reach. Together, Acumen and the Efficiency for Access Coalition hope to ultimately stimulate the flow of risk capital from investors to entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Efficiency for Access Investor Network, please contact info@efficiencyforaccess.org.