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About Equip Data

Building on a rich history of testing, Equip Data gives market actors the data and resources they need to scale off-grid appropriate appliances


Why Appliance Performance Data?

By sharing first-of-its-kind performance data and benchmarking, Equip Data brings much needed transparency and consistency to off-grid appliance markets.

Low-quality and inefficient products are damaging to the reputation and growth of off-and weak-grid markets. Insufficient testing infrastructure and unreliable performance data also make it difficult for manufacturers, policymakers, distributors, and investors to make decisions about off-grid appliances.

Under the Efficiency for Access Coalition, and in service of the sector more broadly, CLASP has created Equip Data to address this market intelligence challenge. Equip Data is the central repository for all relevant technical capacity building, product sampling, testing, and performance data. This robust technical foundation drives stakeholders to make faster, smarter decisions about off-grid appropriate appliances.

Our Story

Equip Data is the legacy of tried-and-true data collection and test method development efforts – beginning with the inaugural 2014 Global LEAP Awards. The Awards generated market intelligence and product performance data on an emerging set of off-grid appropriate appliances for the first time in the energy access sector.

In 2015, CLASP created the “Off-Grid Appliance Data Platform,” a product testing and data-sharing program to compare the performance, quality, and price of select products. Support from Good Energies Foundation and UK aid has allowed the program to scale over time in both size and scope. Today, Equip Data builds on five years of data collection to chart a path for knowledge sharing and impartial assessments in the off-grid appliance industry.

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“Making sense of the technical specifications and test methods of solar appliances is one of the best gifts you could provide to the off-grid community.”

– Gianluca Cescon, Co-Funder, Devergy

“Independent third party testing with Equip Data to verify the performance of our products has definitely been of value to Azuri.  Not only has it provided valuable insights that inform future design decisions, but also validates our direction for investors, distributors and other stakeholders in the business.”

– Nigel Preston, VP of Product Management, Azuri

"From the perspective of someone that spends a lot of time stockpiling appliance performance data that's needed for procurement decisions, Equip Data is exactly what our company has been looking for.”

– Callum Yap, Engineering/Operations, Okra Solar

“Equip Data provided us with the performance data and tools necessary to identify quality, efficient products available in our region to receive program support”

– Anjali Garg, Program Manager, Lighting Asia/India, IFC

“Frontier Markets is committed to providing high-quality clean energy solutions to off-grid consumers. Equip Data’s product testing gives us confidence that we provide efficient technologies that benefit our customers, particularly women and children, the most.”

– Mehdi Rizvi, Head of Operations, Frontier Markets

“We worked with the Equip Data team to test and evaluate the performance and quality of Devidayal's refrigerator. The test results helped us compare and benchmark our products with others in the global market and identify potential improvements to better serve our customers.”

– Tushar Devidayal, CEO, Devidayal Solar Solutions

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