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Energy Saving Trust Opens Request for Proposals for Solar Water Pump Research

Energy Saving Trust launches a Request for Proposals for LEIA research on the environmental sustainability of solar pumping in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Energy Saving Trust has launched a request for proposals for the ‘Environmental sustainability of solar water pumping in Sub-Saharan Africa’, a project commissioned through the Low Energy Inclusive Appliances (LEIA) programme. The objective of this research is to bridge the knowledge gap related to the potential negative impacts of using groundwater tables to help expand solar water pumps across Africa. It also aims to make recommendations on how to expand access to solar water pumps without causing environmental implications. The research project will be made possible through funding from UK aid and IKEA Foundation.

Approximately 95% of farmed land in Sub-Saharan Africa relies solely on seasonal rainfall for its water needs. Most irrigation schemes use surface water in Sub-Saharan Africa. Only 20% of irrigation schemes use groundwater resources. There are potential benefits for using groundwater resources for solar water pumps rather than surface water sources. However, there are fears that this would have environmental implications.

The work will be delivered with the help of an external consultant, contracted specifically for this project. The consultant should have strong experience on topics such as farmer-managed irrigation, groundwater resources and water management with a focus on low income countries in Africa. The consultant should have demonstrable knowledge of different water pumping technologies being used in rural regions in developing countries. This research should be informed by key informant interviews with knowledgeable individuals from a range of companies representing manufacturing and distributors, and a similar number of experts from research institutions, relevant INGOs, governmental institutions and donors.

To submit a proposal, please find full details here.

The deadline for submission is 17:00 BST, 23 July 2020. Proposals must be emailed to Richa Goyal at richa.goyal@est.org.uk. All questions can also be addressed to Richa Goyal at richa.goyal@est.org.uk. We request all inquiries to be made by email and not by phone.