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VeraSol is an evolved quality assurance program designed to meet the growing needs of the off-grid solar energy market. Launched in 2020, VeraSol builds upon the strong foundation for quality assurance laid by Lighting Global Quality Assurance and Equip Data.

VeraSol maintains the same trusted quality assurance services as Lighting Global Quality Assurance while expanding services to encompass appliances and productive use equipment, previously under Equip Data. The program strives to make high-performing, durable off-grid products the default option in any market, and ensure market actors have access to product performance data to facilitate faster and smarter decisionmaking.

VeraSol sustains the growing global market for modern off-grid solar solutions with a widely applicable rigorous QA framework with six core services:

1. Test methods and quality standards

VeraSol develops and manages the test methods and quality standards that serve as universal benchmarks for quality and performance against which off-grid products may be uniformly assessed.

2. Test lab capacity building

VeraSol trains laboratory personnel and maintains a global network of accredited test labs where product suppliers, buyers and third parties can obtain an accurate evaluation of these products. The VeraSol test lab network has tested over 400 pico-PV and SHS kits and over 350 off-grid appliances.

3. Independent testing and certification

VeraSol offers standardized appliance testing that enables apples-to-apples product comparisons. The program also offers a comprehensive certification program for solar energy kits that confirms whether a product meets internationally-recognized standards.

4. Product data sharing

VeraSol maintains the largest public-facing, searchable database of certified pico-PV products, solar home system kits and independently-tested off-grid fans, televisions, refrigerators and solar water pumps.

5. Technical assistance

VeraSol provides governments with technical assistance to help them adopt harmonized standards and implement standards successfully.

6. Stakeholder engagement

VeraSol communicates to the market about the importance and specifics of product quality, enabling them to make informed decisions.

VeraSol is managed by CLASP in collaboration with the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University. Foundational support is provided by the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global program, UKaid, IKEA Foundation, Good Energies Foundation, and others.

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