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Throughout the year, our industry experts are giving webinars that will help you understand the challenges and opportunities encountered by companies in the sector, as well as the cultural, social and environmental features to take into account when designing off-grid appliances. All recordings and presentations will be made available on this page. If you don't know where to start with all the resources available, this is probably the best gateway to understanding the off-grid sector. For the full library of Efficiency for Access Design Challenge webinars, click here


Social impact: considering the end user

Scalability: how to access the right market

Innovation: considering efficiency

Social impact: considering inclusivity

Innovation: designing for usability

Innovation: considering cost

Career conversation: internships

Sustainability: mitigating environmental impacts through design

Scalability: identifying business models

Scalability: accessibility and affordability - a market perspective

Sustainability: contributing towards the SDGs

Career conversation: startups